Photo by Meredith Marquardt with L Photographie

Photo by Meredith Marquardt with L Photographie

Laura Katherine Sawyier


Laura K. Sawyier is a personal stylist, image, and creative consultant. A former Creative Director and events producer for nearly a decade, Laura launched her eponymous consulting practice in 2017 to engage women around their self-image. By exploring the relationships we have with our visual representation, Laura has helped clients clarify how they express themselves in their personal and professional lives.

Her personal styling work directly correlates with her brand consultancy strategies as Laura identifies consumer-based interactions as a critical component to clients success. Her multi-faceted offering includes personal styling, special projects & fashion consultancy, shopping excursions, SALON x LKS event series, along with speaking engagements and facilitated workshops.


SALON x LKS embraces fashion as a catalyst for celebrating female empowerment, discovery, and substance. Shaped by our experiences and opinions, these gatherings highlight and welcome conversation with women who seek to grow and cultivate their talents, and simultaneously motivate others on their journey of self-expression. Moments rooted in style, purpose, and authenticity while collectively engaging on a common platform. 

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It's time to self-fashion your life, on your terms. I'm a steward in helping you unlock and embrace your personal style. I've learned firsthand the power of expressing myself authentically and leveraging what I wear as a medium for how I design my life. It's not solely about how I appear in the world and how others perceive me - it's beyond that. Paying attention to how I feel each day when I wake up, get dressed, and take the moments to be fully present with myself and set the tone for how I'll show up (and check-in) throughout my day. The theory of enclothed cognition is reflective in turning what you wear inward and attentively identifying how something makes you feel when you put it on your body. How you think, behave, and engage in your life while understanding the impact that clothing plays in the day-to-day.

When I take care of myself, everything in my life operates at a higher frequency. The result of my self-care is turning everything outward and being a present, generous, and empathetic person. When I'm nourishing my body and mind, I give more to my family, friends, community, and business. I recognize that there are similar roadmaps that help us maintain our self-care, but it ultimately looks and feels a bit different for each of us. My goal is to help you tap into some of the tools and concepts that have worked for individuals I work with, and myself. Begin to discover more about who you are and how you want to show up in your reality.

In today's culture, it's no longer about fitting into a categorically defined style type - we're all individualistically dynamic. I capture how something makes me feel when I put it on my body, ask myself questions, speak kindly and constructively to myself, and regularly remix my wardrobe to support me feeling most like my expressive self. I'm present each day wearing what I love, knowing that it fits and flatters my body, and my essence. You are capable of defining your style vision - I love helping women uncover how it manifests free of judgment and full of confidence.

Removing the stresses of getting dressed allows us to focus on what matters most in life. When we have clarity and organization, it helps us free up space for new or growing opportunities and experiences. We can arrive at these moments with grace and authenticity. When we're operating as we genuinely are, magic happens.

Clothing connects us all. When thinking about this concept, coupled with the capacity to give back to others, it's the perfect combination of why my business comes full circle with each offering. I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur who is creating the space to tap into work that I love, enjoy, and crave to create and share. The prevailing ethos that is the thread of my business is the belief of discovery and growth occurring in a communal experience. In one-on-one styling, we're a group of two. The community grows a bit larger via shopping excursions and continues to expand with speaking and workshops, and into the collaborative SALON x LKS gatherings.

Together, we're investing in you, and each other.

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