Girl, Put Your Records On

Photos courtesy Pinterest

Photos courtesy Pinterest

…tell me your favorite song

Recently I was out for a run on a sunny morning in the park near my home, shuffling through the 'top hits' playlist on Spotify, and a song came on that stopped me in my tracks. I broke out into serious dance moves. I couldn't help but move to the beat of the song, all in full display of the runners, bikers, and families carrying on with their business in full view. At this moment, I felt the impulse to express myself and move my body, with a lack of care for onlookers perceived judgments. How freeing! Not too long after this, I attended a baseball game and witnessed the players "walk-up song" that comes on in the stadium as they approach the plate, and it clicked.

This carefree dance moment and the players’ song inspired me to build a playlist that would elicit more empowering moments. I was reminded of how power music can be with evoking a range of feelings in an instant. To help develop this playlist, I recruited many of the wonderful women I've featured in my CANDID Interview series to share the song that gets them jazzed, focused, smiling, and keep steady in their passions and purpose.

Listen to the 'I AM A BADASS' playlist on Spotify if you want to spark these music vibes and add your pump-up/walk-up/self-love songs that make you want to stop everything you're doing and dance (and refocus your attention on the good stuff). Add your songs to this playlist or consider making your own! It works.


CANDID Featured Women ‘I AM A BADASS’ Songs:

Carly Zakin - “TRUTH HURTS” by Lizzo

Danielle Weisberg - “HIGH HOPES” by Panic! At the Disco

Stacy Taubman - “RISE UP” by Andra Day

Valerie Macaulay - “BAD GUY” by Billie Eilish

Tania Beasley-Jolly - “NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY” by Lil Kim

Audra Noyes - “YOU SAY” by Lauren Daigle

Kim Witczak - “I WAS HERE” by Beyoncé

Cheree Berry - “ANOTHER DAY OF SUN” from La La Land soundtrack

Reshma Chattaram Chamberlin - “AFRICA” by Toto

Diedre Gray - “HERE COMES THE HOTSTEPPER” by Ini Kamoze


Laura Sawyier