CANDID: Stacy Taubman

Stacy Taubman is the epitome of a woman empowering women - a connector, advocate, inspiration, friend, and supporter. As the Founder and CEO of RISE Collaborative Workspace and RISE Society, she’s established a community that motives and supports female entrepreneurs and professionals. RISE proclaims, “the business of women succeeding is our business,” and that statement holds self-evident truth in everything they do: engaging workshops and events, special speaking and networking experiences, private office spaces, shared conference rooms, community workspaces, the immediate impact of connecting with peers and much more. Stacy and her team don’t stop working; they are continually building on their foundation, asking questions, and evolving to continue growth. The first space opened in Saint Louis in 2015 and has since expanded into their second location in Denver, which opened earlier this year. New workspaces are on the rise ;) Stacy has been interviewed for various publications as it relates to the growth and importance of female-focused co-working spaces, including TIME, NBC/Mika Brzezinski’s Know Your Value, and various RISE location city-based publications.

Stacy is Founder and CEO, RISE Collaborative Workspace & RISE Society. She splits her time between Saint Louis and Denver, and currently on the road traveling to determine where the next RISE spaces are set to open.

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“Figure out what makes you feel the most alive and spend your time doing that - forget about what you’re ‘suppose’ to be doing and stay true to you.”

My personal style is classic, timeless and sophisticated.

The best piece(s) of fashion armor in my closet are… I love a simple well fitted sheath dress.

I’m making my mark by taking RISE Collaborative nationwide.

A professional/personal challenge that keeps me up at night is Taking RISE Collaborative nationwide :) On a daily basis I am doing things that are beyond my current capabilities.

In moments of self-doubt I build myself back up by surrounding myself by super impressive women who support and believe in me.

My version of self-care is laying in bed and binge watching Netflix :)

Words of wisdom that resonate with me are, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” -Jim Rohn

I stay true to my passions by keep going.

I’m most proud of making a difference in someone’s life.

The one thing I would like to say to every woman in the world is, figure out what makes you feel the most alive and spend your time doing that - forget about what you’re “suppose” to be doing and stay true to you.

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